I will start with one of my own. Books by other authors I have enjoyed will appear here. Books I didn’t like won’t be reviewed; it wouldn’t be fair to the author to give a bad review because of my own bias. Use the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon and read a preview, or click the Amazon link that offers to send a preview to your Kindle or go with Kindle Unlimited.

I select books based on title and story line, and then price. Too high a price, and no sale. I go for the 99cent eBooks that are out of copyright if the topic interests me. Five bucks (USD) is about my limit. Many of the old Science Fiction classics by the old masters are just above that. It pains me, but in many cases, I have already read the book once before, and don’t feel the need to pay more money to read it again. If I had money, I would buy the limited edition, leather bound set, of everything Heinlein ever wrote.

Wolf Hunters : Origins, my first book. It is where I developed my characters and the universe in which they live. It is Science Fiction so set aside your disbelief for a moment and just ride along. I wanted to go with Wilderness Scouts but was afraid I would hear from Lawyers representing the Boy Scouts and didn’t want that. There is are real Wilderness Scouts something or other, and I knew their lawyers would be calling, so Wolf Hunters, and it plays an integral part of my character’s development and what motivates them to do what they do. I also wanted to name my main character ‘Julia,’ but didn’t because of current events at the time it was written.

 May Flower is a wilderness planet suitable for human habitation. How humans reached this planet isn’t the story. You don’t talk about the gasoline powered, computer controlled, internal combustion engine that powers your surface transportation when you mention going to the grocery for resupply. You just get in your car and drive to your destination. The excitement starts with the food riot at the big box outlet store because of war rumors in the news. See?

Back to my first book, wilderness planet; low tech because it is cheaper and easier. To go high tech you need factories, and factories need tools, and you need resources to make the tools you need to make the factories. You could do that if your spaceship remains in orbit for years and years and builds your civilization up to high tech. The expense, in terms of lost revenue, of keeping an extremely expensive space ship in orbit doing nothing for years and years seems to suggest that the space ship hauls in colonials, dumps them on the planet, and then leaves to go back and get more colonials. At least that is how the Europeans settled the New World in the 17th century on earth.

Wilderness planet, low tech, benign chemistry. In the second book, my characters discover a planet that they attempt to settle, only to discover the chemistry is toxic. I don’t spend much time on that planet, except to make the point that those settlers learn a great deal about carbon-based life forms, and that expertise comes into play in various part of other books. The chemistry is not discussed as that is not the point of interest. Instead, the characters understand the chemistry, and they know how to harness that knowledge and put it to use.

Origins, begins just after the initial settlement has been established, and the second wave of pioneers are setting out on a cross-continent trek to establish a second settlement. Why not another settlement closer to the first? Glad you asked. Do both, is my point, and it gives me something to work with later in the story. I’m the author, I can do these things. Work with me.

The Amazon preview or ‘look inside’ will take you well into the story as the story has no ending. It just goes on and on, building on each experience. I had to cut it off, and then in the second book, the characters continue building on their experiences from the first book. And then a miracle girl is introduced, to make things interesting. And then the third book …  Sorry I took so long to get there, but wilderness survival and how it affects human behavior is something that interests me.

I hope you find that behavior as interesting as I do. Every Science Fiction story has a gimmick, and the rule is only one per story line. My gimmick is something that could be possible. There is enough evidence around to support that leap of faith.  

Book two.

Wolf Hunters : Transitions.

I don’t want to give away the ending to Origins, so that won’t be discussed. Book two is many years after book one, but my civilization hasn’t yet reached space, and this makes them vulnerable. They do what they can to protect themselves from invaders. Time passes, and as these things go, the Wolf Hunters relent and agree to meet their invaders. It doesn’t go well, except for a miracle girl who is the best part of the second book, and a part of book three.